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Fitness apps are┬ásome of the most popular apps. Nearly everyone, even if they’ve never used them,┬áhas one installed on their phone. There are even devices, like FitBit, that are specifically designed to just be fitness apps. You would think having so many options would be a blessing; however, there are simply too many fitness apps. It’s impossible for any single person to try them all. The good news is that you don’t have to! Here are three of the top apps from 2018 that you can try out:



TruBe is not a typical fitness app. It doesn’t provide charts, graphs, or tutorials like the average fitness app; it allows its users to purchase training sessions on the go. Everything from boxing to ballet lessons are sold on TruBe.


There is a reason the app calls itself “the Uber of personal training.” A user can simply meet up and have a single session with any particular trainer, or they can create a long-tern relationship, frequently utilizing this trainer as a permanent student.



It isn’t hard to find an app that will let you keep track of caloric intake and exertion; however, it can be difficult to find out what’s in the food you purchase. Edo solves this problem, allowing its users to find out the contents of thousands of food products with the click of a button.


It also rates products on a scale of 1 to 10. It uses scientific studies and nutritional values to come up with its ratings, letting users know when a food is truly healthy or not. You’d be surprised which self-claiming healthy foods are actually bad for you. Edo is a must for anyone interested in getting healthier.



RiseToday, like TruBe, aims to connect its users with training sessions. RiseToday is subscription free, putting it ahead of some of its competitors.


RiseToday is especially useful when compared to gym memberships – the standard method of finding a place to workout. Many people purchase a gym membership and only visit once or twice. RiseToday is perfect for people that can’t find the time to work out on a regular basis. It creates a scenario where a person may spontaneously find a one-off location to exercise at.


Why rely on gym memberships when you can use an app like RiseToday?


There are other apps available that stand out among the competition. Don’t spend countless hours thumbing through the app store yourself.