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Jen Gunter is a writer on the wellness-industrial complex that frequently gets asked about her personal wellness strategy. It is a topic that is widely discussed everywhere, and people are persistently seeking wellness strategies.


The unsatisfactory definition that she gives to the term ‘wellness’ is something without definition. While she attends conferences, reads books, and writes columns on the subject, there is still nothing clear about this term. A more accurate term that can come close to it is ‘preventive medicine’.


WIthout medical definitions, wellness is something that is far off from the concept of health. There is no measurement for wellness or a measurable progression of wellness although it is extremely popular among conferences for wellbeing.


Ideas and products use the lack of definition, measurable progress, and outcome to sell themselves. If there were no precise diagnoses of diseases how would doctors even know about them or share the results with their patients? Therefore, the lack of definition in wellness does not guarantee to support a longer life or better state of being.


To advertise wellness, words like clean, pure, and natural are used. These words are used so often to gain profit from products that they have become a belief for most people. When Dr. Gunter was asked what she does for wellness anyhow, she talks about the simple things that do not require a person to go out of their ways to make themselves healthier and happier.


The number one thing that is simple and does not require to break the bank is fiber. It is found in most whole foods. Fiber prevents constipation, lowers the risk of heart disease, and prevents diabetes. Unlike overrated probiotics, fiber is a natural prebiotic. Because it doesn’t break down in the stomach and upper intestines, it is fermented by bacteria in the lower portion of the gut. The beneficial bacteria that grows from this fermentation is what helps break down food for nutrition.


Another simple health booster is exercise. According to studies, no supplements comes close to the benefits that one reaps from regular exercise. Even 30 minutes of breaking the sweat each day can do miracles for health and a better mood.


In the end, the achievement of wellness does not have to be at the hands of well-thought advertisement and complex procedures. It can be making life simpler for oneself or just cutting out more time for the things that are satisfactory.