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Alex Winborn

Health and Fitness

About Alex Winborn

Alex Winborn graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Business Law from St. Peter’s University. He later received his Master’s in Management and Leadership from Webster University. He has encountered various leadership and personal development strategies and consequently designed his own unique leadership approach.


Apart from his impressive career, Alex Winborn is most passionate about health and fitness. More specifically, Alex is thoroughly interested in innovative technologies that work to improve one’s overall well-being. Most recently, DNA testing has become a valuable insight in the fitness industry. Identifying the state of your personal health, by dissecting your genetic code, gives individuals a better judgment for their fitness goals. Always looking for ways to better himself, Alex finds such technology a giant stride towards achieving optimal success.


In addition to exercise, Alex also takes great interest in nutrition. A fervent exerciser, Alex understands the value in proper nutrition. Similarly, by testing your DNA, you can make more calculated nutrition plans for yourself based on your genetic markers. Identifying the nutrients your body needs, to complement your fitness regimen, makes for faster and sustainable results.


Being in such a demanding career, Alex takes personal wellness seriously. In order to be the best leader that he can be, he first makes his health and overall well-being a priority. By taking the time to better himself, Alex Winborn is in turn a more effective leader.